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CT 5th District Face Mask Task Force

A set of colorful hand-crafted cotton masks, which were originally made entirely from Kent Quilters' stashes; and then, from fabrics donated by Foundation for Community Health and a GoFundMe site

The CT 5th District Face Mask Task Force has been making face masks to help meet the need in our community. 

“A huge thank you to Foundation for Community Health for supporting our work. AND for your tenacity in discovering the wholesale side of Joann’s Fabrics. When you purchased 50 yards of cotton flannel for us, it was the largest amount I could imagine using. I have made at least two more orders of that size from them alone. Our group has made over 6000 cotton face masks for hospitals, nursing home, special needs schools, VA facilities, and frontline workers throughout our part of Connecticut. Thank you for reaching out to us. We had no idea of the need. We are now making masks for ongoing community need. As schools and businesses begin to re-open, we are ready to help our community”.

Jane Suttell Zatlin and Jill Drew
CT 5th District Face Mask Task Force

Cotton Masks with Instructions

A prepared set of re-usable cotton masks with care instructions, ready for delivery.

Satomi Hoar Making Masks

Warren resident, Satomi Hoar, a talented quilt designer and mother of two, has made many of the donated masks.

Penelope Gould Wearing Her Mask

Penelope Gould, Jane Zatlin's grand-daughter, always wears her mask outside.

Karen & Dylan Gould Wearing Masks

Karen and Dylan Gould, expressing affection in a time of pandemic.

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