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North East Community Center

(L-R) Mike Cawley and Daniel Goldhagen preparing for food delivery. Photo: Jackie Osnato

Helping Our Community in this Time of Need

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way everyone in our community went about their daily lives. North East Community Center (NECC) has worked very hard to make sure that our programming continued to adjust to their needs. 

Initially, NECC staff reached out to each client that had contact with the center over the past year to assess their needs. Speaking with hundreds of community members was extremely helpful in setting priorities for all of our remote programming as COVID-19 emergency measures began.

We were able to implement our weekly emergency food and supply pantry. The nutrient-dense food kits include fresh fruit and vegetables along with local eggs and milk. We also assessed the client needs and created kits for hygiene, household, baby, and pet supplies along with a kitchen essential kit to be able to create complete healthy meals. The pantry serves an average of 45 families per week. As of May 25th, we have served 274 non-duplicated clients. This has been accomplished by having non-contact pick up at our center and by delivery service. Thanks to Foundations for Community Health, we have been able to shift the hours of one of our Transportation program drivers to assist getting much needed food to these individuals.

Kim Hausner and Mike Cawley preparing for food delivery

(L-R) Kim Hausner and Mike Cawley preparing for food delivery. Photo: Jackie Osnato

NECC has implemented a NECC Cares Exchange Board, which is a citizen-led platform to provide community members with the place and space to share goods and services. 

Our After-school program continues to provide support to our children and families via technology. The Teen Team staff continues to work with the teens through technology, social media, and video chats. 

Our Northeast Dutchess Transit (NEDT) program continues to operate for seniors, families and individuals who need transportation to access pharmacy, food, and other emergency supply outlets. We are currently transporting only one person per vehicle and must remind clients that we are unable to let anyone with a contagious illness or signs of the virus access our service. This service is funded in part by the Foundation for Community Health.

Success Stories:

We have been transporting a longtime client to all of his chemo and radiation therapy. At the time of this writing, he had one week left for treatment. Our Transportation Director spoke with him and he said that his doctor told him he is almost cancer free!  Without NEDT, he would not have been able to get to his chemo and he is very thankful

There were several people on the care calls that said they were so grateful to have been given a phone call and that they missed seeing the drivers. Many were so happy to have someone to talk to during these difficult times.

For more information on the North East Community Center, visit https://www.neccmillerton.org/

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